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What does it mean to be One with yourself?

Oxford Languages defines "Oneness" as:

1. the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts. "the oneness of man and nature" 2. the fact or state of being one in number.

Merriam-Webster defines "Oneness" as:

the quality or state or fact of being one: such as






Deepak Chopra has said this about Oneness:

“Every single thing is an aspect of One Field of Consciousnes...The Whole never loses contact with its parts, they are never lost or forgotten.”

John Lennon has simply stated this regarding Oneness:

“I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together.”

I love these definitions. They all work for me. Though, I have found that before we can earnestly go out into the world and insist on Oneness with everyone and everything - we must first be One with ourselves. Here's what that means to me:

To Be One With Yourself -

It means meditating and doing yoga and being the boss ass babe that you are.

It means accepting and loving all parts of your identities, even if you have multiple.

It means acknowledging your inherent light of being that we all collectively share and also honoring your unique, weird self.

It means not sacrificing anything except what makes you less of you.

It means speaking the truth as you know it from the core of your being.

It means not denying your voice, your essence, your energy, your vibe, your vibe, your vibe.

It means embracing the urban diva by day and the witch of the wood by night.

It means walking in a state of grace.

It means knowing who you are even if you know not where you are going.

It means bathing yourself in starlight because you know you are made of the most powerful stuff of the Universe. Because you are the Universe wrapped up in skin and bones that we adore and call home.

It means knowing that your rawness, your passion, your sweat, your pain, and your slang are all parts of what makes you holy.

It means allowing yourself the expanse of human emotion and accepting your cycles of being.

It means death and rebirth are One in the same because - you are truly eternal.

It means to be bold without shame.

It means to be humble without shame.

It means that the light that you see in others is the same One inside of you.

It means to come into the world, everyday, as the most authentic version of you today.

And though your moods and wardrobe and expressions may change, the you that sits at the seat of your soul remains the same.

It means to know you are loved and love itself.

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