Our Solution to a Plastic-Free Planet

As we talked on the topic in our previous post How Plastic Infiltrates Earnest Sustainability Efforts, we realized that we were not in alignment with our mission; to make the planet plastic free.

For us, this meant not just 60% or 90% plastic-free...but 100% plastic free.

Plastic has a way of sneaking up on us. Even the most environmentally-friendly brands struggle with limiting their plastic use. As it seeps into every area of our lives. From the grocery store to the furniture we buy.

We have made a blog post on how you may be inadvertently using plastic and how to avoid it when you make your purchasing decisions. You can check it out here.

We feel that in order to grow as a company, we need to hold ourselves accountable...always.

Nadia and the team at ODÍN have paired up with NoIssue and EcoEnclose to wrap and ship our products in the most environmentally conscious way. One that is in alignment with our values and mission as a company.

And that's something you can always count on us for.

Until next time,

The ODÍN Team

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