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ODIN Mind: Facing Fear

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

2020 has, at the very least, surprised everyone and cancelled plans. At the most, it has brought death and desperation to many.

When faced with uncontrollable and unforeseen events, it is easy to fall into a downward spiral of negativity, anxiety, and depression.

There is the understandable temptation to give into the uncertainty - and to allow fear to overcome.

Fear limits our perception of possibility and opportunity. Fear favors our egos over our soul selves. Fear robs us of our awareness of the present moment and our happiness. Fear makes us see strangers and enemies where we once saw a common humanity.

Fear threatens our ability to love.

But, fear can also be our guide to our soul's work.

Fear is our natural alarm system. It makes us aware of danger. But danger to the ego is often simply the unknown. Fear can also be the trigger of the conditioning of our past - a hailing of things left unhealed.

A thought and a challenge:

Instead of resisting the fear that you feel, instead of numbing it with distractions, and instead of feeding into it in unhealthy ways that exacerbate its affects on your health and relationships:

Can you approach your fear with curiosity?

Can you take an inventory of its affects on your mind and body?

Can you find its source?

Without straining yourself to figure everything out at once; without attachment to an outcome or timeline.

Can you sit with it?

Can you ask it questions?

Can you allow fear to guide you to the places that require your attention?

To the places that call for your healing energy?

To the places that you cannot deal with on your own?

Can you meet fear of death with the awareness of your breath - that this itself is life?

Can you meet fear of strangers with memories of when you once turned strangers into dear friends?

Can you meet the fear of the unknown with the childlike joys of potential discovery?

Can you speak of your fear?

Can you call it out?

Can you write it if you cannot speak it?

Can you put it on a table to be observed with gentle care?

Can you accept the fear?

Can you remind yourself that this very emotion is further evidence of your own humanity? Can you tell your fear that it is not alone?

Can you remind yourself that you are not alone?

Can you see the fear in another's eyes and say "ah, yes, I too know this emotion and I am grateful that what I see in you is that which I also see in myself."

Can you let our shared fear be proof that, whether friend or foe: we share this world, we share this burden of existence, and so as long as we have each other the burden is not just our own?

Can you let the recognition of fear be transformed into a sign hope?

You are not alone. We are afraid with you. We will transcend with you. We are One.

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