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How plastic infiltrates earnest "sustainable" efforts

We are learning and growing here at ODIN, and with this comes the inevitable growing pains. In partnership with our sister artistic company, Artman Productions, we sought to launch our products while also celebrating and honoring the Earth by making a powerful statement against the use of plastic.

In preparations for this event, we found ourselves ashamed of what we thought were earnest efforts to find sustainable and high quality products. Despite our efforts to be "eco-friendly" and Earth-minded, we found out that we were not. We realized that we supported plastic industry even more, as nearly everything we received was made with plastic or wrapped in it.The ignorance and proceeding hypocrisy that we felt as we unpacked our event materials weighed heavily on us. We gathered the plastic and incorporated it into our fashion show.

The fashion show featured thrifted fashion up-cycled and reworked with ODIN designs. The models were regular people of all ages, sizes, ethnicity, and genders. The black and white colors in the wardrobes symbolized a blank canvas. The creating director of ODIN and the designer of this collection, Nadia Artman, placed her response to reality on these blank canvases in vivid logos, signs, and sayings.

Each model descended on the catwalk wearing a plastic bag on top of their heads: a very literal symbol of humanity and the Earth choking on plastic. The catwalk itself was also wrapped in a river of plastic. But this plastic did not need to be found under kitchen sinks or trash cans, they were provided by the very companies that we bought our "eco-friendly" supplies from. Box after box of products and event supplies, our river of plastic grew. The irony was astounding.

ODIN is Russian for "One". We are here to represent oneness and unity with ourselves, each other, and the planet. We seek to offer sustainable alternatives to the destructive practices of the fast-fashion industry.This Earth Day, our actions failed to stay true to our convictions. Though these blunders were made in ignorance, we must accept our responsibility to thoroughly, devoutly research every step of the supply chain process before presenting ourselves to the community. Without a solid foundation of faithfulness through aligned thought, word, and especially action: we have no pedestal to stand on. Who are we to preach the Oneness with the Earth?!

We will continue thoroughly exploring and searching the ways to be more efficient and to be aliened with our values.We look forward to sharing our ongoing research with you, and to inform you on how to stay away from plastic use all together.

Stay tuned.

Thank you and with love,

Nadia Artman and The Team at ODIN

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