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Discover Shower Yoga by Nadia Artman

Shower Yoga is the rejuvenating and efficient practice of combining yoga postures with your daily shower. Benefits include improved muscle flexibility, efficient time management, and non-interrupted personal focus.

At the heart of Shower Yoga is the art of observation.

When paying attention to your thoughts, a new awareness arises, bringing a sense of peace and balance to your body and mind. The key is to stay in the present moment, feel comfortable, follow your impulses, and pay attention to your mind and body.

Ten to twenty minutes of loving attention towards yourself, along with the soothing energy of the water, can radically change both your state of mind and the way your body feels the entire day.

The goal of Shower Yoga is to return to your inner self.

When practicing during the day, Shower Yoga helps you to rejuvenate and energize so you’re ready — even excited! — to continue your day. On the other hand, in the evening Shower Yoga helps you release mental and physical stress, relaxing mind and body so you are ready to easily drift off to sleep.

The most important element of Shower Yoga is the quality of awareness you place on your mind and body.

Most of us shower unconsciously, washing our bodies and generally taking care of the business of getting clean, while our heads are off somewhere else. By giving your full attention to the way you breathe, think, and move, Shower Yoga turns your shower into a daily ceremony that brings an increased awareness to your mind, body and spirit.

Why is water so important to the Shower Yoga practice?

Water is a powerful element with the ability to conduct energy. All you need to do is watch your thoughts, stay with your breath, and follow your body’s impulses to move and stretch. The water does the rest, restoring your mind and body to a state of balance.

Who practices Shower Yoga?

Shower Yogis tend to be active in many areas of their lives, using lots of mental and physical energy. People who are looking for a simple way to recharge when they’re tired, relax when they’re stressed, and who seek balance are a natural fit for Shower Yoga.

If you like to stretch and feel a deep sense of relaxation in your body, you’ll love it even more!

What are the effects of Shower Yoga?

Depending on the time of day and your intention during the practice, Shower Yoga can either energize and recharge, or unwind and relax you.

Turn on the water and step inside.

Let Shower Yoga turn your shower into a daily ceremony of rejuvenation and healing.

Basic Postures

Position 1: Water Greeting When you step into the shower stream, remind yourself of the positive and beautiful energy the water brings. Place your open palms under the water. Feel the temperature and the structure of the water stream. Trust that this Shower Yoga session will bring you exactly what you need.

Position 2: Standing Tall

Stand tall with your back to the water. Make sure your feet are parallel, and your shoulders are relaxed down your back. Relax your arms naturally by your side. Lengthen your neck and relax the muscles in your face. Feel tall, strong, and powerful as the water cascades around you.

Position 3: Standing Forward Bend

Stand as in P2. Bend your knees as you release your torso over your legs. Relax in this forward bend as the water massages and warms your lower back. This posture is particularly good for supporting digestion, along with P4 and P5.

Position 4: Belly Under Stream Stand with your belly towards the shower stream. Take a full breath in, relaxing as the water falls on your belly as it expands with the inhale. As you exhale, pull your abdominal muscles back into the spine, releasing the air from your lungs. Slowly repeat. This posture helps to focus the mind and increases your ability to be present. It also increases the amount of oxygen circulating in your system, maximizing the ability of the digestive organs to work efficiently. P3 and P5 also are helpful for digestion.

Position 5: Triangle (Chair required)

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart facing away from the shower stream with the chair in front of you. Bend forward and place the palms of your hands on the chair, forming the triangle. Bend your knees as much as needed so as not to put unnecessary strain on your lower back. Adjust your feet to create a comfortable distance for your body from the chair. Keep your shoulders back and down. Enjoy the soothing pressure and warmth of the shower stream falling on your lower back. This posture is particularly good for supporting digestion, along with P3 and P4.

Position 6: Open Chest

Face towards the shower. Place your hands on your buttocks. Lift and open your chest gradually, allowing your head to lift and lean back as much as is comfortable for your neck. Keep your shoulders back and down throughout. Keep your neck long as you reach up, breathing as if into the neck area. Enjoy the shower stream falling on your chest.

Position 7: Spinal Twist

Stand up straight (P2) with your arms bent and palms together in the center of your chest. Gently twist your spine, body, and head to one side. Allow the twist to be natural and comfortable. Keeping your shoulders level, relax into this position as the shower stream falls onto your shoulders. When you feel complete on the first side, gently unwind and come back to standing (P2). Pause for a breath or so. Then repeat on the other side.

Position 8: Back and Neck Lengthening Stand facing away from the shower stream. Place your hands on your thighs. Knees can be straight (not locked) or bent. Keep your back as lengthened as possible. Breathe deeply as you lift and open your chest. Keep your shoulders relaxed down your back. Enjoy the sensation of water falling on your back as you strengthen your legs and open your chest.

Position 9: Interlaced Hands Forward Bend

Stand up straight (Position 2). Gently interlace your fingers behind your back, keeping your arms relaxed at first. With each breath in, lower your shoulders down your back. Keep your back long. With an exhale, pull your arms up as you bend forward over your legs. Keep your upper chest open and neck relaxed. Allow your arms to naturally and comfortably release forward. Remember to keep your shoulders down. Let the water falling on your back enhance the relaxation and opening the posture brings. To come out, pull your arms away from your body and let them slowly lead you back to standing.

Position 10: Power Squat

Squat with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Hold your abdominal muscles in towards your spine to support your back and pelvis. Focus on lifting from your sternum and opening your upper chest. Hold your arms out in front of you, parallel with the floor. Keep your shoulders down. As the water flows down your back, feel the strength, power, and balance this posture invites.

Position 11: Namaste Stand up straight (Position 2) Place your palms together at the center of your chest. Gently bow your head and smile. Namaste! This is a wonderful way to complete your practice.

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