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ODIN Mind: What To Do With Your Time

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Time is a sensitive topic. To some, time is a social construct - it is the ever-daunting clock on the wall, on our phones, and in our minds reminding us of where to be, what to do, and when we're late. It is the silent manager of our schedules. But it is also - at its most mysterious and uncontrollable application - an invisible clock in our bodies counting down until we return to the dust of the Earth from which we came. Sometimes time doesn’t actually feel linear at all. A kiss from a lover can make time feel like it's standing still, awaiting our next breath before it ticks forward again. Time seems to speed up when we are dancing the night away, but slows down when we are begging for our work meetings to end. We often take time for granted - until it is reckoned with late in life when we ask ourselves how we lived, and why, and if it truly had purpose - or when it is stopped abruptly by a premature death of a loved one and we are left thinking "if only's" and "what if's." In these scenarios, we painfully come to terms with exactly how precious our time is.

But what if we were truly aware of how invaluable our time is? And what if we treated every moment with gratitude for the miraculous gift that time is? What would you do with your time, then? This has the potential to be a long and deep internal conversation, and we have just a few suggestions to get you started.

Use Your Time to Invest in Yourself

You've heard it before - "Time is Money" - cliché, yes, but still true. The great part is that you get to choose how you get to use your time to make money. If you must work to be an active member of society, why not at least invest in finding your passion - that work which will give you the most lasting fulfillment. It's not always easy to find your calling, but it doesn't have to be a struggle, try these things without being attached to any certain outcome:

  • Explore through play: What did you love to do as a child? What did you abandon when pursuing a more conventional "adult" life? Consider what it would mean to satisfy the child inside of you.

  • Follow your curiosities: What tickles your senses and gets your mind going? Can you learn more about it? Where can they take you? You never know unless you find out.

  • Practice saying "yes": What risks have you repeatedly considered taking but always found a reason to back down from? What is fear stopping you from doing? Instead of mulling over "why" you should do something, adopt a freer mindset of "well, why not?"

  • Be confident saying "no": What have you been compromising on, to the detriment of your own happiness? Are there situations or people that are holding you back from your truest life? You know what they say, "If you love something, let it go..."

  • Never stop learning: Now is a great time for picking up new hobbies - wondering if you have a green thumb? Garden, grow food - develop self-sufficiency and help the world be more sustainable at the same time. Or, when is the last time you picked up a good book? New discoveries into the self and the world are just waiting for you.

  • Get really, really quiet: You actually don't have to figure everything out on your own, and answers rarely come instantly or in the forms that we expect. But the answers are always out there, buzzing around in all the limitless potential of the Universe. Try meditating - sit, relax, breathe, be silent, let your thoughts flow without restraint or judgement, and let the universe do its thing. This is not an instant fix - develop a routine of quieting the mind so your higher consciousness can speak. Listen.

  • Overflow with love: Love is a choice; love is an action; love is our unified purpose. If you speak, walk, and act in love of yourself and of others, then the secret to happiness, success, and fulfillment will no longer be a secret. It will come rushing to you; it will burst from you. 

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